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Sports Specific Programs



This 12-week snowboarder strength and conditioning program is designed to get you ready for the season ahead but can be carried out at any time of the year.

Similar to the skier program but with some differences in the application of exercises.

It is a full-body mixed system of strength training with some conditioning elements.

The program has a bias toward developing core hip and leg strength as well as unilateral balance and symmetry. It also implements elements of explosive strength training to develop more reactive force production and absorption for when you really need to access power through a turn, take off or landing.

Training Protocol:

                                Requires some experience in strength training

                                Familiar with most compounds and conditioning exercises

                                Deadlift, Squat, Press, Core, Plyometrics and Accessories

                                Pretty much everything

                                Barbells, Dumbbells, KB, Cables, Bands

                                Linear, Autoregulatory, percentage based


Training Maturity:


Body Parts:


Progression Type:

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