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Intermediate Programs



This 8-week squat program is 2 blocks of 4 weeks with the first phase focusing on cleaning up technique while using "squat-focused" derivatives and accessories to improve proprioception and mind-muscle connection. 

The second phase is focused on using the confidence gained in the first phase to develop strength by using a linear increase in loading. This program also has full-body mixed exercises but with reduced volume load to focus recovery on the main objective.

Training Protocol:

                                         Requires experience to make decisions 

                                         Familiar with the barbell and squatting

                                         Squat, Accessories

                                         Pretty much everything

                                         Barbells, Dumbbells, KB, Cables, Bands

                                         Linear, Autoregulatory, Percentage based


Training Maturity:


Body Parts:


Progression Type:

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