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Who is it for?

To be eligible for this plan, you must first have done Entry or Autonomous to be familiar with The Program concepts.

What is included?

  • The Program Training App, Exercise Videos & Guides

  • 24 Weeks of Pre-determined Programs

  • 3x 20 Min Calls & Minor Adjustments

How is it different to the other plans?

The main difference with this plan is that you will have limited support from me in your training. With other plans, I sit down every week, look at your previous results, and make adjustments based on the feedback for the following week.

With this plan, you don't get this support. You are expected to make adjustments yourself. This plan is for those who can easily red-flag performance or make changes and have the ability to know how much is enough and when to take a time-out.

NOTE* - There are no weekly volume/load or exercise adjustments, 1:1’s or SMS questions, and this plan does not include the “Saturday Session” + (Workout Of The Week) within the 13:00-15:00 time slot at Viaduct. All other times are permitted with the Balboa pass.

After purchase, you should do the following:

  • Study the program page here and lay out your preliminary program selection for the 6 months. (This can be changed later if needed)

  • Make a list of any specifics regarding exercises you have difficulties with or specific intensity of strength or endurance.

  • Compile all in an email with your preferred start date and send it to me here (Start dates must always run from a Monday, and any requests need to be made one week in advance on Saturday latest, 12 noon)

  • If you are training at Balboa, you should email Timo directly here to fix your pass.

Once you have done all this, I will upload your schedule to your account, and your weeks will be released every Sunday in advance. There will be full instructions and options to change things that are not working. I will then email you the dates for your check-ins. You should be prepared for these meetings with questions and changes you wish to make.

If you need extra support, you can upgrade your account to Semi-Custom by paying the difference or selecting a 1:1 consultation or in-person session. Prices are here. 

3 Month
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