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“Snake oil salesmen the good the bad and the capitalist”

Preying on the impressionable and society as a whole, cognitive dissonance and understanding our purpose of endeavour over self procurement, can we educate to accumulate?

I discussed with a work colleague the other day as to whether we were born capitalistic. Although we assumed that it is social conditioning, we couldn't ignore the simple fact that even the animal kingdom will take from each other to get ahead, its simply survival of the fittest. From the early days of street touts to modern-day targeted algorithms, humankind continues to mirror its success by marketing, buying and selling everything and anything.

It seems to be our nature, and in many ways, this could be linked to existentialism that somehow needs validity. "I am here my time here is short; therefore, I need to be rewarded for that". If it is a form of existentialism, then life's shortness can easily be capitalised on.

Vanity procures vanity

In the modern age, it is quite simple to gain an audience on the internet. Obtaining gratification is not difficult, but having it taken away in the same breath is equally simple. If an individual has needs, they may happily buy into whatever they can to hold on to those needs. Conversely, those who seek opportunity in "click-bating" others to buy into a reality that may or may not be the truth or what is needed seems to be an accepted fact of life.