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Multi Season Skier Training Plan

CHF 89.95Price
  • Take your training to the next phase.

    This Three-phase versatile skier plan spans 4, 8, or 12 weeks for up to 36 weeks of training and is designed for pre-, during, and post-winter seasons. Each block has been carefully crafted to dose each phase's optimum exercise selection and volume load. The plans are completely customisable, with pre-set loading parameters based on your specific inputs and a session exertion formula determining your training readiness before each session. This incredibly dynamic skier program has been carefully put together using evidence-based training protocols so that you are consistently working toward your best self for skiing performance.


    Each download comes in an Excel format, including a step-by-step video on using the workbook and utilising the Excel in-app format for ease of use in the gym. Additionally, you get the training guide as an extra resource to develop a basic understanding of the fundamental training principles!


    Not sure?... Drop me a msg, and I will send you the explainer video!

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