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Alex Vlajkovic

I met Ian at a time when I was not well, both mentally and physically. I had already tried many things with the aim of becoming stronger and more self-confident again, but with little success. Ian has the gift to see through people and immediately understood me and my needs. He was the first coach I could trust completely. Ian is passionate about his work and constantly educates himself to provide evidence-based training to his clients.  However, it is equally important for him to consider the individual situation. This made the difference for me, I feel taken seriously and listened to, time and time again. Thank you for your patience Ian, I am so grateful to have you as my coach! I have already made extreme progress in such a short time and feel so much better!


Agnes Fritz

I have been training with Ian for the last 4 years now. At first, I was sceptical as I had never before experienced any sort of structured exercise, neither in a group nor an individual setting. I was full of prejudices toward weightlifting, the fitness lifestyle and the community in general, thinking it was superficial and only about looks. I eventually decided to give it a try because of severe back pain. After just a few well-structured training sessions with Ian, my back felt substantially better. Ian teaches and explains exercises in a way that makes me understand the connection and effects of different movements on my overall physical health. Since training with Ian, there has been a remarkable improvement in my overall strength as well as my mobility.  This in turn brought new momentum into and opens up new possibilities in two of my biggest hobbies, hiking and ski touring. With his open and friendly personality and most of all his infinite enthusiasm and commitment for what he does, Ian made the weekly Saturday morning training outside a sacrament for me and something I look forward to! I absolutely recommend Ian for people of any age, regardless of their initial physical fitness.


Genny Baki

I have had the opportunity to train with Ian for over three years. During that time I enhanced my performance and developed a better understanding of the training principles and how to apply them. Ian has profound expertise and a thorough understanding of how the body works. He continually researches the most recent training techniques and applies them to the individuals who are part of The Program. Ian tailored the sessions to meet my specific needs and motivates me to push myself when I need to. He put a lot of time and effort into designing the sessions which were full of variety. It can be intense and challenging at times so you need to be dedicated and consistent, but I truly enjoy the structure and the mix between the strength training and cardiovascular components of the workouts. The Program and Ian’s approach enabled me to become stronger in every way.


Natalie Baki

I have been training with Ian since 2019 and during that time The Program has greatly improved my strength & fitness. On the one hand, The Program offers a flexible workout schedule tailored to your needs; on the other hand, it requires accountability and dedication to achieve results. At times it can be challenging, but also very rewarding. The mix between app-based training and in-person consultation is perfect for my experience level. Ian has extensive knowledge and his dedication and patience are exceptional.


Ben Scott

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to train with Ian for more than ten years. He has given me an insight into how my body functions and what works and doesn’t work for me. He has evolved so much over the years and his expertise and professionalism are undisputed. I feel privileged to be able to call him a friend and my coach.


Ilaria Stendahl

After a couple of years of training in classes, I decided to switch to the Program – the last 6 months have been quite transformative! Not only have I been able to become better in movements, stronger and leaner overall but I have finally gained a better understanding of training and how to approach each session. The Program helped me to put in the hard work and rewarded me with very clear progress results.


Laura Urech

I was looking for a structured training program that challenges me while still having fun and trying out new things. That I found with Ian. Under his guidance, I improved both my form and strength and realized that less is more, especially when done right. What I like most is that it can be tailor-made to suit my preferences, goals and current lifestyle (e.g. more/less stress at work).


Eva Blanco

The Program helped me on the path to autonomy, training knowledge and awareness. I learned and experienced that consistency, dedication and a professional program are key to training results. I learnt that less is more and that connecting your brain with your muscles is a fundamental part of any training you do.  Through the program, I became stronger physically and mentally and it meant for me a new way of training which I want to keep for the rest of my life.


Roman Kistler

If you are looking for a guided workout plan that focuses on putting you in charge of your success and progress, Ian‘s "The Program" is the one. It teaches you to understand your body and shows you your limits and how to evolve past them.


Marco Brack

I had the pleasure to train with Ian for many years and learn from his profound knowledge of strength coaching. He not only helped me to become stronger and fitter but was always great fun to work and train with. During The Program, we took the next step in my training and Ian helped push me to find my limits and sometimes even a bit further. Tracking everything with the app and getting constant feedback helped me to understand the big picture behind a successful training plan.

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Araceli Valles

Training with Ian has been a great journey and an incredible learning path. I have done all kinds of sports since I was a child (played soccer, swimming, cycling, ran marathons, CrossFit, HIIT...) and I never felt so fit as while doing the program. I started my first program in 2019. With Ian, I learned to listen to my body, the importance of rest and the importance of having a plan and some structure. I changed from training every day to training 3-4 times a week but understanding what I do and why. My constancy is the key, but I took longer breaks when needed while still feeling at my best.


Matthias Scholl Rodriguez

I have made great athletic progress in the time I have been working with Ian. I was injured for a short period of time and Ian built my program around my injury to keep me fit and build me back up. Ian is a great coach and his programs are perfect for someone who doesn't want to just consume a workout but really wants to get in touch with themselves and their body.

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