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The Program

The entire premise behind The Program is not just to give you an online program to follow but to utilise a "dose-response" approach to training which is achieved with application and feedback.

There are various ways to begin training with The Program depending on your training level, wants and needs. Click the link below to see program options, or go to the program selector above and fill out the questionnaire to see which options might suit you.

Th Programs
Coaching Practice

Coaching Practice

My coaching philosophy is not centred around coach-athlete dependency. It is directed at developing decision-making abilities that work for the individual. When it comes to training there are endless options and it often comes down to what feels right at that moment.

This is usually based on a trend that has been taken from performance sports techniques.

The Program aims to help you apply those performance sports techniques in a way that suits you. Coaching sessions are

there to get you started and develop techniques further on the way to improving skills and becoming autonomous. Click the link to learn more about coaching sessions and 1:1s.

Custom Training & Programs

For some, training goes beyond general strength and conditioning

and into the realms of achieving better performance for sport.

The Program uses development protocols in "sports-specific" training such as dynamic correspondence to develop better motor control, strength, explosive power, endurance, and fatigue management.

This is used in conjunction with periodisationautoregulation subjective and objective data collection.


With custom-made programs, individuals are assessed to develop a better understanding of capabilities and determine skill levels or injury risk. A range of tests can be carried out depending on the required protocol and desired training effect. From there, a custom program is built to work on enhancing goals. Programs are monitored with feedback sessions utilising various tools that are suited to specific needs.

Custom Training & Programming

Post Remodeling Rehabilitation

Post-remodeling rehab is the process of restoring strength, mobility, and function after an injury or surgery. It involves progressive resistance training, neuromuscular training, and functional exercises, using a dose-response and graded exposure approach. By using evidence-based approaches, individuals can successfully regain their physical abilities and function for longevity.

 Click the button below for more info on how this works

Coaching Education Practice

Development throughout all walks of life is crucial and coaching is no different. I thrive on sharing my knowledge and experience with others in pursuit of bettering the art and science of coaching practice.

For group or 1:1 coaching education and mentoring sessions either in person or online, for bespoke learning sessions reach out.

Coaching Education Practice
Train at Balboa

Train at Balboa

Conventional gyms are often intense and very busy at peak hours and it can be difficult and frustrating to execute your plan meaning you often have to change exercises, wait long periods for people to finish using equipment or even cut your session short.

Balboa Open Gym spaces are limited and pre-booked so that you can always see when there is space. This gives you the flexibility to decide when to train based on your own schedule.

Balboas offers two unique locations in Zurich, both with enough space and equipment to get everything you need out of The Program.

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