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An Evidence
Based Approach
To Training.





the ability to do something well


  • considerable

  • extraordinary set of skills

  • range

verb + skill

  • have

  • possess

  • combine

skill + noun

  • level

  • set

  • acquisition

What is it ?

The Program is a system of training that uses evidence-based applied sports science to optimise performance.

It was developed for individuals who are happy to

be accountable for progress and want to be semi or completely autonomous in the gym whilst learning how to apply themselves to establish measurable goals.


The Program aims to avoid the pitfalls of other online coaching systems by incorporating a "dose-response" application of training protocols based on individual performance measures and feedback.

Check out the services page here or go directly to programs and pricing options here.

Ian Holland Coulton

About Me

About Me
Ian Holland Coulton

Ian Holland Coulton

MSc Sports Science

Most of my coaching and experience is in strength training, weightlifting and snow sports, which I have been fortunate to achieve while working in many different countries worldwide over the last 25 years. My main focus is applied sports science using data-driven evidence-based research to practice tried and tested methods. Additionally by using sports performance testing and programming techniques. I also implement experimental approaches to help individuals, competitive or otherwise develop a better understanding of their skill, capacity and autonomy. I hold a master's degree in strength & conditioning sports science, focused on sports physiology, biomechanics, skill acquisition, program design and monitoring from St Marys University Twickenham London. My dissertation was a controlled trial on the effects of the menstrual cycle and autoregulation on resistance training adaptations and fatigue. I prefer to stay true to evidence-based practice and critical thought. Still, I believe that a solid philosophy, goal orientation, structure, planning and monitoring, regular feedback, and problem-solving will tease out a natural, capable, autonomous and free flow state in most individuals.​ ​



I have had the opportunity to train with Ian for over three years. During that time I enhanced my performance and developed a better understanding of the training principles and how to apply them. Ian has profound expertise and a thorough understanding of how the body works. He continually researches the most recent training techniques and applies them to the individuals who are part of The Program.

Ian tailored the sessions to meet my specific needs and motivates me to push myself when I need to. He put a lot of time and effort into designing the sessions which were full of variety. It can be intense and challenging at times so you need to be dedicated and consistent, but I truly enjoy the structure and the mix between the strength training and cardiovascular components of the workouts.

The Program and Ian’s approach enabled me to become stronger in every way.

Genny Baki

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