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Intermediate-Advanced Programs



Most programs serve a purpose in terms of performance. The purpose of body build is to serve aesthetic needs.

This program is a full-body push-pull that uses compound lifting and metabolite techniques to drive muscular adaptation and growth. A solid understanding of hypertrophy training and which protocols work specifically for you is necessary to get the most out of this program. This Program can be adapted to suit most needs including areas that need more emphasis. It's advisable to have regular feedback with this program to make sure volume landmarks are being met.


Training Protocol:

                                Starts with a baseline test. Slight increases in volume & load  

                                Familiar with a barbell, & happy training alone

                                Deadlift, Squat, Bench/Overhead Press, Unilateral, Accessory

                                Full Body/Goal oriented

                                Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Cable Pulleys, Bands

                                Tempo, Undulating/Linear, Autoregulatory


Training Maturity:


Body Parts:


Progression Type:

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